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Towada Hotel

Towada Hotel is made of Akita cedar with Japanese architecture

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It is in one of the lakeside inn, there is a shuttle bus up to ya rest, there is no inconvenience. The beauty of the building of the main building and good location than anything gem. Looking out of the window suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, and sparkling on the lake and reflected light of the moon, was like a dream. Hotel has a spacious and classy lounge and patio and fireplace. Dishes, the menu was supposed to compromise between East and West, it was easy to eat something delicious. I think it is a tourist destination rather than a scaffold hopping (. Was visited for the second time) is, for those who prefer to stay in a villa feel of summer resort, and a great fit. Some of the rooms seemed to be barrier-free. Was attached to the stairs to the elevator skew public baths. In dealing with soft atmosphere, the staff was able to relax. To ya rest, you can go with the bus from Morioka, such as Kakunodate-Aomori Hachinohe.


I was with a small tour group October 23 and 24. We arrived at the height of the brilliant fall leaves, thanks to a booking made a year in advance.

The original wing of the hotel was created in 1940 in a style a bit reminiscent of hotels in North American national parks, but at a human-sized Japanese scale with an elegant traditional interior. The hotel was rebuilt about a decade ago when a Western-style wing, with a new lobby, restaurant, and rooms, was added. The new structure avoids competing with the spectacular woodwork of the old. Lobby/library space is abundant, spanning both wings.

The hotel's original architecture is worth seeing for its own sake, including the old lobby and upstairs library. Rooms in that section are Japanese-style. Guest rooms in the new wing all have great views of Lake Towada, and are similar to what you'd expect in very good Kyoto or Tokyo hotel, but larger. The guest rooms' bathroom facilities are typically Japanese--slightly raised from the main floor, with very nice shower plumbing (much more convenient than one sees in the US), a bidet-toilet, and an abundance of toiletries.

The hotel is an "onsen"--it has Japanese bath facilities in the new wing, and of course the hotel provides robes and slippers for going to and from and for dinner. The hotel has meeting rooms and even a karaoke room.

The restaurant served us excellent Japanese and western breakfasts and dinners, complete with seasonal rice-paper placemats, worth saving for stationery.

The National Park's deciduous forests are as attractive as anything in the Appalachians, with a very diverse tree flora. Lake Towada is a vast volcanic caldera with forest-covered walls. The creek draining the lake has a scenic road and trail with many waterfalls, rapids, and other beauty spots for those with cameras, oils, or watercolors.

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