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Towada Hotel

Towada Hotel is made of Akita cedar with Japanese architecture

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Local Guide

Towada Art Center (Museum)
It is loved by Towada citizen and tourists.

Oirase keiryu (mountain torrent)
This is absolutely beautiful. Photos are always used for calenders every year. You must see this!
The best place is between Ishigedo and Nenokoguchi or Choshi otaki. 9km. 2.5-3 hours walkng.

Towada sightseeing boat
You can take the sightseeing boat and see the beuatiful scenaries on the lake.

Aomori museum
The Aomori Museum of Art was established adjacent to the Jomon period historical site, Sannai Maruyama, in order to propagate the culture of the arts of the Northern Tohoku region of Japan. Conceived in the Romance of the Jomon Culture, carrying hopes and dreams, this purely white art museum is now beginning to inscribe a page in history.

Hakka Touge Tenbodai (Sightseeing tower)
Towada ko (Lake Towada) is a crator lake. Hakka touge is on the most populat sightseeing tower in this area. You can see 360 degree view of Lake Towada and moundains arround the lake.

Seibien (Beautiful Japanese garden)
This garden is a National Site of Scenic Beauty. This garden is considered as the top3 garden in Japan.

Otome no zo (Statue of Maidens)
The last piece of art made by Takamura Kotaro who is a known as poet and sculptor.

Hakkoda Ropeway
Enjoy the seasonal scenary, especially red leaves in Autumn and frost covered trees in Februry. 10 minutes ride.

Towada-jinja Shrine
The Great god of Towada Stream had been enshrined in this shrine until the end of the Edo period.
As a symbol of Lake Towada legends, it may also known as the "luck-bringing alley,"appears in a
fortune-telling site in the mountain about 150 meters away from the shrine, where the Buddhist monk
Nansonobo is believed to have committed suicide by drowning himself.

The oldest performing art theater. The building is made of wood. This is the important cultural property in Japan.

Sannai Maruyama
Jomon period historical site.

Local Souvenir shop.

Tsugaru han Neputa mura
You can enjoy the local culture and instrument 'Tsugaru jyamisen."

Hirosaki Koen (Park)
A well known park as thousands of cherry blossoms.
Must visit in Spring.


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